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Navigating Federal programs and services 

The funding shortfall for marine port and terminal infrastructure, and airport enhancements is expected to be more than $123 billion over the next 10 years. Though multimodal programs and services for capacity and efficiency projects is increasing, so is the complexity of applying for a grant and the competition for them. Historically, only 5¢ has been awarded for every $1 requested. 

How do you get your grant application to rise to the top for consideration? 

Strong Port Strategies (SPS) is here to help public entities, including port authorities, and private entities, such as marine terminal operators and airlines, navigate the vast — and often unfathomable — grant application process. 


Don’t miss out on another NOFO

Feeling a sense of FOMO with regards to Notice of Funding Opportunities? With Strong Port Strategies guiding you, you needn’t worry about missing out on an airport, marine terminal or intermodal connector project grant ever again. 

Whether you are a port authority, airline, marine terminal operator, manufacturer, freight carrier or company looking to do business with airlines or ports, we can provide strategic insights on Federal programs and policies, infrastructure development projects, and supply chain and logistics issues – to increase your competitive advantage. If you have questions and challenges, SPS has the answers and solutions, such as:

Port Authorities (Public Entities)
  • How can your organization access Federal programs, services or funding?

  • Do you have a strategy to fund intermodal infrastructure?

  • How can you incorporate ports and terminals into your business plan?

  • Is your airline or airport eligible for a government aviation grant?

  • Can you get a subject matter expert to review your company’s strategic plan?

  • How exactly do ports, marine terminals and airports function?

  • Where can you find a knowledgeable facilitator to moderate a planning session?

Why choose Strong Port Strategies? 

With more than 70 years of combined aviation, maritime, rail and intermodal consulting, and industry-related experience, including the personal review of over 3,000 grant applications and the post-award administration of $50 billion in projects, Lauren Brand, Joel Szabat and SPS’s knowledge of Federal policies, programs and assistance opportunities is unparalleled. 

Container Ship

“Your work in ensuring that our Nation’s public ports are informed about Federal assistance grants is noteworthy, especially your efforts to implement the Port Infrastructure Development Grant Program.”

Elaine L. Chao

U.S. Secretary of Transportation, 2017-21


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Strong Port Strategies is available to consult on your next marine port, terminal, airport or intermodal transportation opportunity, whether across the country or around the world. You can contact us directly by phone or email. Or if you prefer, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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