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Navigating transportation programs, policies and funding

With three of the nation’s foremost experts in maritime, aviation, surface and intermodal transportation, Strong Port Strategies’ (SPS) knowledge of transportation policies, programs, grants and funding opportunities is unparalleled. They even understand the bureaucracy of government.

Strategic transportation consulting services that will get your project moving

Whether you are a marine terminal operator, railway, transit agency, airline, manufacturer, freight carrier or a company looking to do business with marine ports, railroads or airports, we provide a concierge service with customized strategies for Federal and State grants, funding opportunities and infrastructure assistance — to increase your competitive advantage.

Strong Port Strategies provides practical guidance, technical expertise and unique perspectives

If you have a marine, surface or aviation transportation infrastructure, funding or related challenge, SPS has a customized solution.

How do you get your Federal or State grant application to rise to the top?

The funding shortfall for marine ports and terminals, surface transportation infrastructure and airport enhancements is expected to be more than $123 billion over the next 10 years. Though multimodal programs for capacity and efficiency projects are increasing, so is the complexity and competition for grant applications.

Strong Port Strategies is here to help public entities, including port authorities, and private entities, such as marine terminal operators, railways and airlines, navigate the vast — and often unfathomable — grant application process.


“Lauren has the rare combination of being both creative and practical. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in both the public and private sectors, where she brings high ethics, and a collaborative approach to ensure strong PP Partnerships.”

Scott Schoenfeld

Partner, P5Infra


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Strong Port Strategies is available to consult on your next marine port, terminal, rail, road, airport or intermodal transportation opportunity, whether across the country or around the world. You can contact us directly by email or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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