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Marine terminal that symbolizes the benefits of Strong Port Strategies transportation consulting services

Making headway together

Marine ports, terminals and airports are significant drivers of the world’s economy. In the U.S. alone, the marine transportation and commercial aviation industries account for more than 30% of the total GDP and supports over 40 million jobs. 


Thus it’s vital for airlines, port authorities and marine terminal operators to strategically compete for their share of Federal programs and services to maintain the critical infrastructure, both inside and outside their gates.

Federal Programs & Services 

Our consulting services include:  

  • Reviewing Capital Construction plans for a port or intermodal infrastructure project or an aviation grant, and suggesting Federal assistance programs and services for which the entire project, or elements of the project may be eligible

  • Evaluating prior Federal grant applications, providing a debrief on how they can be updated to meet requirements of the same program in the current year, or to meet requirements of alternate programs

  • Assisting senior management to identify partners for an application for a future project

  • Developing a brand strategy to create awareness and increase business potential

  • Mapping out a comprehensive intermodal operations strategy

“The maritime industry confronts significant, time-consuming challenges navigating the Federal grant system. Identifying programs best fitting your project and knowing when and how to engage government sponsors, stakeholders and affected communities can spell the difference between success and failure. Good advisors offer a priceless edge by delivering the efficiencies necessary to accomplish your goals.”

Dick Balzano

Deputy Maritime Administrator (2017-2020)

Federal Programs & Services

Transportation Consulting

It’s critical for cruise lines, railroads, trucking companies, third-party logistics providers, shippers and distributors to keep passengers and cargo moving and the supply chain functioning.

Our consulting services include:

  • Advising BoD and senior management to identify strategic partners for a future transportation or infrastructure projects

  • Creating a comprehensive transportation, supply chain and logistics strategy

  • Developing a brand strategy to create awareness and increase business potential

  • Reviewing Capital Construction plans or strategies for a transportation infrastructure project

  • Recommending applicable Federal or State programs, policies and services that may impact a transportation project, issue or challenge

  • Evaluating Federal, State or City grant applications

Transportation Consulting

Port Consulting & Supply Chain Strategies 

A thriving marine transportation system is critical to the world’s economic health. The ability to move freight quickly and efficiently requires a modern port and terminal infrastructure and an effective network of accessible waterways. Find out how SPS can help your organization. 

Our port and intermodal services include:

  • Assessing previous unsuccessful grant applications and providing strategic perspectives on how they can meet any new requirements or be eligible for alternate programs and services

  • Reviewing Capital Construction plans for a port or intermodal infrastructure project and advising which Federal assistance programs may be available 

  • Preparing strategies to successfully manage current or future supply chain challenges and logistics issues 

  • Assisting senior management to identify partners for a future project grant application

  • Building a comprehensive port marketing strategy 

  • Establishing relationships as part of a supply chain strategy to keep your goods moving throughout North America

Port Consulting & Supply Chain Strategies

“I enjoyed working with you. As Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs you offered keen and practical insights on the intersection between federal aviation and rail policies and business operations both before and during COVID.”

Richard Anderson

former CEO of Northwest,

Delta and Amtrak

Aviation & Airport Consulting

Commercial aviation, essential for long-distance passenger travel and just-in-time goods movement, depends on a network of airports, airlines and supply chains. Find out how SPS can help your organization.

Our aviation and airport services include:  

  • Providing consulting services to airlines, including: compliance with international aviation transportation agreements; slot restrictions at capacity-constrained airports; joint ventures (e.g., pre-reviews for mergers, acquisitions, anti-trust issues, etc.); interplay with emerging technologies (e.g. drones, broadband, NextGen)

  • Evaluating aviation grant applications and providing strategic insights on how they may be eligible for various programs and services

  • Reviewing airport service and infrastructure projects and advising which Federal assistance programs may be available (e.g., Airport Improvement Program (AIP), Essential Air Services (EAS) and Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP)

  • Assisting senior management to identify partners for airport enhancement projects

  • Preparing strategies to successfully manage current or future logistics challenges 

  • Establishing effective aviation supply chain relationships 

Aviation & Airport Consulting
Meeting Facilitation & Public Speaking

Meeting Facilitation & Public Speaking

Are you seeking an experienced subject matter expert and facilitator to moderate your next leadership meeting or team strategy session? To help explain the intricacies and vagaries of Federal programs and services — and how they work or don’t — Lauren Brand and Joel Szabat are available to:   

  • Make a presentation directly to senior leadership or Boards of Directors on current and eligible Federal grants

  • Present a speech to a gathering of strategic partners on maritime, airport and intermodal connector infrastructure project needs in the United States 

  • Facilitate meetings focused on airport, marine port/terminal, intermodal and supply chain issues, including agenda development, pre-meeting prep and post-meeting follow-up

IMG_2173 2_edited.jpg

“I’ve seen Lauren explain Federal assistance programs for transportation infrastructure many, many times. Each time she drills down to local needs and shares her experience.” 

Eric Shen, P.E., PTP, CPE

Director of Capital Projects/Chief Engineer, San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

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